Miss Coral - Adopted

Mastiff / American Staffordshire Terrier / German Shorthaired Pointer mix

The family that adopted Coral was the same family that posted on craigslist back in August 2015 looking for who may have lost this dog back in the fields in White City. No one claimed the dog.

They spent over 3 months trying to talk to Coral and gain her trust. They fed her every night. Coral was blind from her entropion, She was getting skinnier with each day meanwhile getting sicker with all the other problems she was getting. Animal Control came out a few times but was not able to capture her.

Coral started coming less often for food as her body started to give up. It is now getting cold towards the end of November 2015. One morning she woke up with black stuff all over her and the family did not know what it was and grew even more concerned for her health.

Finally the family figured they could not gain her trust and trapped her for Animal Control to save her life. Animal Control came to get her. Coral was frightened and sick. She put up quite the fight, like a bucking bronco, a fight of her life. This had Animal Control believe she was too aggressive and needed to be euthanized.

This broke the family's heart as this was not what they wanted to hear. They were growing fond of her and wanted to help her. Meanwhile back at the shelter they started seeing Coral settle down a bit over the next few days and believed it to be pain and fear to cause her to act so aggressively. They released her to MGF. Please thank them for this.

The family let some time pass and they called Animal Control to see what they decided to do about Coral. They found out I had her. Contact was made and they asked to see her. All they ever wanted was her trust and to see her get help. The first meeting was at a park and it went very well.

The family was surprised at the difference from what they saw of her out in the fields and what they were seeing right then in front of them. This family continued to follow her progress and continued to visit her almost weekly. Each time amazed at how happy and healthy this big girl was getting. This family has so many awesome stories to tell about Coral's many months of her plight.

The family starting bringing their daughters to meet her. Time came and they wanted Coral to meet their pack in their home. A bulldog, 2 chihuahuas and a bird. Once again the visit was amazing.

Then came the weekend overnight visit. They had built her a very large fenced yard just for her to spend the weekend with them. The visit went well and I was surprised they brought her back to MGF. I wouldn't have. To part with Coral would be a hard thing to do.

Then came the second weekend overnight visit, guess what? They could not part with her. Can you blame them? Coral only needs her stitches removed and a few more weeks of eye drops to bring down the third eye that her entropion caused. I felt it was in everyone's best interest to adopt her out a few days earlier than expected.

I am pleased with this families dedication to Coral even before MGF came a board. I know they will make her the happiest pup on the planet and she will be the sweetest pup they have ever known.

Energy Level >Energy Level - 3 Stars
Exercise Needs Exercise Needs - 2 Stars
Playfullness Playfullness - 3 Stars
Affection Level Affection Level - 4 Stars
Friendliness toward dogs Friendliness toward dogs - 2 Stars
Friendliness toward cats Friendliness toward cats - 2 Stars
Friendliness toward kids Friendliness toward kids - 3 Stars
Friendliness toward strangers Friendliness toward strangers - 1 Stars
Ease of Training Ease of Training - 4 Stars
Watchdog Ability Watchdog Ability - 5 Stars
Protection Ability Protection Ability - 4 Stars
Grooming Needs Grooming Needs - 2 Stars
Cold Tolerance Cold Tolerance - 3 Stars
Heat Tolerance Heat Tolerance - 3 Stars

Coral has been adopted by a loving family. Please check out our other dogs.

Coral Adopted.
Coral after being rescued.

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