Miss Grace - Adopted

German Shepherd Dog Cross

Meet Miss Grace. She is a 2 years young German Shepherd Dog whose interests include cuddling, short walking, short hiking, and learning all about this big world. She loves having toys to play with, so her new home will need to provide her with her own toys, bones, short playtimes, and some training to keep her mind and body healthy. This sweet girl is house trained, is leashed trained, has a few basic commands down, she gets along well with people, children, and dogs.

She has a prey drive and gets excited around cats but this can be easily fixed with some training. Grace likes to cuddle with you or lay down with you, wherever you may be or whatever you may be doing. She is a lover, not a fighter! She is a very sweet and very smart. She has been know to open baby gates, bathroom doors and large kennels.

Grace will be happiest when she can be a part of her person's daily activities. She has separation anxiety due to her neglect. Her family will need to be sure that Grace feels like she is part of a close knit group. She is spayed, micro chipped, vaccinated, licensed and has a complete health workup. Miss Grace has hip dysplasia in both hips but will live a long, happy, healthy life with proper weight management and supplements. She will go home with her new family with all her medical records and DNA test results.

Are you looking to add a beautiful, smart, loving girl to your family? What about a social companion ready for any adventure with you? Come see Miss Grace! She is available for adoption through the Miss Gabriel Foundation.

Energy Level >Energy Level - 3 Stars
Exercise Needs Exercise Needs - 2 Stars
Playfullness Playfullness - 4 Stars
Affection Level Affection Level - 4 Stars
Friendliness toward dogs Friendliness toward dogs - 4 Stars
Friendliness toward cats Friendliness toward cats - 1 Stars
Friendliness toward kids Friendliness toward kids - 3 Stars
Friendliness toward strangers Friendliness toward strangers - 4 Stars
Ease of Training Ease of Training - 3 Stars
Watchdog Ability Watchdog Ability - 3 Stars
Protection Ability Protection Ability - 2 Stars
Grooming Needs Grooming Needs - 3 Stars
Cold Tolerance Cold Tolerance - 3 Stars
Heat Tolerance Heat Tolerance - 3 Stars

Grace has been adopted by a loving family. Please check out our other dogs.

Grace today.
Grace after being rescued.

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