Miss Heidi - Adopted

German Shepherd Dog

The beginning of this story started with a lady named Maria. She had a GSD named Apollo. She felt inspired in Apollo's name to search for a GSD in trouble and found out about Miss Heidi. Her plea reached others until it showed up at MGF. MGF then got help from Dagmar.

Dagmar helped bring Heidi from the high kill shelter in California last October, both of these ladies helped in her adoption that happened today.

Lisa just happened to get Dagmar's post about Heidi being available for adoption randomly on her Facebook. She told Jack to come and look. They were not looking for a dog yet but they knew they would be soon enough and beautiful Heidi caught their eye.

A meet and greet would happen within a couple of days. The Smith's wanted to see how Heidi responded with their 2 year old. Sure enough Heidi was a sweetheart and appropriate. Next was the overnight visit which also happened a couple days later.

The Smith's have a farm with all sorts of livestock, 6 children and 2 other dogs. Heidi was appropriate with the chickens, children and other dogs. As a matter of fact Heidi does not seem anxious anymore due to all the exercise she is getting.

The overnight went wonderful and the family knew right away this was a match. Heidi's lack of anxiety and relaxed nature also tells us this is a good match.

I need to mention the Smith's adopt special needs children and special needs dogs. The children age from 30 years old to 2 years old.

We always knew the right home for Heidi would alleviate her anxiety. She needs the proper amount of physical and mental stimulation to be a balanced dog. We know she has that now. Happy life to you Heidi we love you!

Energy Level >Energy Level - 4 Stars
Exercise Needs Exercise Needs - 4 Stars
Playfullness Playfullness - 4 Stars
Affection Level Affection Level - 4 Stars
Friendliness toward dogs Friendliness toward dogs - 4 Stars
Friendliness toward cats Friendliness toward cats - 4 Stars
Friendliness toward kids Friendliness toward kids - 3 Stars
Friendliness toward strangers Friendliness toward strangers - 2 Stars
Ease of Training Ease of Training - 2 Stars
Watchdog Ability Watchdog Ability - 4 Stars
Protection Ability Protection Ability - 1 Stars
Grooming Needs Grooming Needs - 3 Stars
Cold Tolerance Cold Tolerance - 4 Stars
Heat Tolerance Heat Tolerance - 2 Stars

Heidi has been adopted by a loving family. Please check out our other dogs.

Heidi today.
Heidi after being rescued.

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