Mr. Jake - Adopted

Boxer / American Bulldog / American Staffordshire Terrier / Chow Chow Mix

Mr Jake has been adopted by a lovely family in Portland. Let me tell you his story.

I have been very busy with my current rescues so a nice lady did a Craig's List Ad for Jake. (TY Dagmar!) Kelly came across Jake's Ad and saw his photo. It was love at first site.

Rocky and Kelly have been great Fur Parents to dogs and cats. They lost their dog years ago and both wanted another. Over the years, unfortunately, Rocky wanted to search for one and Kelly didn't, then Kelly wanted to search for one and Rocky didn't. This time around they felt united in searching for "the one".

They ran across the Ad and Jake looks so much like their dearly departed pet. They both just had to meet Jake. They did their research on Jake's Facebook to find out everything their was to know about him and his allergy issue. Their last pup also had allergies so they are experienced with this and not bothered by it at all or by the medication Jake will need daily.

They drove all the way from Portland to see Jake. They were in love. Jake took to them right away and the young boy the family had brought with them. They saw Jake calm and they saw Jake with a tennis ball and it still did not scare them off. They wanted to have him spend the night to get to know him better. So Jake went off to Portland to be with them and to get to know their two kitty cats.

Another nice lady went to the home in Portland where Rocky, Kelly and Jake were. (Ty Pat!) The home was perfect. Let me tell you how perfect.

They live near all kinds of Drs should Jake ever need one again. He is retired and will be with Jake all day unless he is on an odd job than Jake will be with him on the job site. She is a therapist for the homeless and veterans. She trains her dogs to help be therapy pets during these sessions.

For those of you that know Jake, who he is, what he has been through, can you not imagine a more perfect job for him. His sweet disposition, loving nature, his old soul, his compassion, his willingness to forgive, his surviving spirit to help those who need it the most through therapy sessions.

Makes my heart melt to think of my journey with Jake for 7 months, yes 7 months and now off to his perfect home with a perfect job. Makes all these sleepless days and nights so worth it.

Happy life Mr Jake, I love you!

Energy Level >Energy Level - 5 Stars
Exercise Needs Exercise Needs - 4 Stars
Playfullness Playfullness - 5 Stars
Affection Level Affection Level - 5 Stars
Friendliness toward dogs Friendliness toward dogs - 4 Stars
Friendliness toward cats Friendliness toward cats - 3 Stars
Friendliness toward kids Friendliness toward kids - 4 Stars
Friendliness toward strangers Friendliness toward strangers - 4 Stars
Ease of Training Ease of Training - 3 Stars
Watchdog Ability Watchdog Ability - 3 Stars
Protection Ability Protection Ability - 2 Stars
Grooming Needs Grooming Needs - 1 Stars
Cold Tolerance Cold Tolerance - 1 Stars
Heat Tolerance Heat Tolerance - 1 Stars

Jake has been adopted by a loving family. Please check out our other dogs.

Jake today.
Jake after being rescued.

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